MaxConsole UnderGround
ACA NeoGeo Samurai Shodown V Special v1.00
Category: Nintendo Switch/ALL Regions
Rating: 0.00 out of 5.00
Contributor: Smoker1

Publisher: Hamster
Title ID: 010049F00AFE8000
Build ID: 8e14f03d9792789c
# of Codes: 8
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[Inf Time]
01000000 012A3993 00000058

[1P Inf Health]
01000000 012A3A6C 0000007D

[1P Longer Energy Gauge Length]
01000000 012A3C27 0000007C

[1P Max POW]
01000000 012A3A77 00000040

[1P Max Sword Power]
01000000 012A3C21 00000078

[1P Longer Sword Power Gauge]
01000000 012A3CC7 00000082

[CPU No Rage]
01000000 012A3C87 00000000

[CPU No Sword Power]
01000000 012A3E31 00000000

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