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Final Fantasy VIII Remastered v1.0
Category: Nintendo Switch/EUR Region
Rating: 0.00 out of 5.00
Contributor: Djchubby

Publisher: Square Enix
Title ID: 01008B900DC0A000
Build ID: b899412d980f0b44
# of Codes: 11
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[Unlimited energy on battle (Character 1)]
041f0000 6487e0e8 0000270f
041f0000 6487f342 0000270f

[Unlimited energy on battle (Character 2)]
041f0000 6487e180 0000270f
041f0000 6487f172 0000270f

[Unlimited energy on battle (Character 3)]
041f0000 6487f512 0000270f
041f0000 648f6a1e 0000270f

[Unlimited Squall HP]
041f0000 6487e0e8 ffff270f
041f0000 6487f342 ffff270f

[unlimited Zell HP]
041f0000 6487f512 ffff270f
041f0000 648f6a1e ffff270f

[Unlimited Selphie HP]
041f0000 6487e3e0 ffff270f
041f0000 6487f342 ffff270f

[Unlimited Quistis HP]
041f0000 6487e2b0 ffff270f
041f0000 6487f512 ffff270f

[Unlimited Irvine HP]
041f0000 6487e218 ffff270f
041f0000 6487f342 ffff270f

[Unlimited Rinoa HP]
041f0000 6487e348 ffff270f
041f0000 6487f342 ffff270f

[GF AP=255 after battle]
041f0000 645f8cca 000000ff
041f0000 6487f5c0 000000ff
041f0000 6487f5c2 000000ff
041f0000 6487f5c4 000000ff

[Unlimited money]
041f0000 6487e764 05f5e0ff

(many thanks to IMnoob!)

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