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Mario Tennis Aces
Category: Nintendo Switch/ALL Regions
Rating: 1.80 out of 5.00
Contributor: Gamers Network

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Publisher: Nintendo
Title ID: 0100BDE00862A000
Build ID: a85c59aedf83e5c9
# of Codes: 5
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[Cheats Created By Jan Gamers Network 4 Mario Tennis ACES(V3.0.0)]

[#01# Top Down View]
010F0000 009f857b 0000003d
010F0000 009f857a 00000000
010F0000 009f858a 00000050
010F0000 009f858b 0000003f

[#02# Big Tennis Ball]
010F0000 02b88587 0000003e

[#03# Hard Service Return and Special Shots]
010F0000 009f65fe 000000b0

[#04# Cool Visual Effects]
010F0000 009f6606 000000d0

[#05# Top Down View Reset]
010F0000 009f857b 0000003f
010F0000 009f857a 0000001c
010F0000 009f858a 000000ab
010F0000 009f858b 0000003e

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