MaxConosle UnderGround
Gods Remastered
Category: Nintendo Switch/ALL Regions
Rating: 1.00 out of 5.00
Contributor: BlackDeath

Title ID: 0100BAA00AE16000
Build ID: 8B36F764EB350C41
# of Codes: 6
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[Unlimited Lives on - ignore on screen value]
04000000 001E2800 52800120

[Unlimited Lives off]
04000000 001E2800 B9403000


[Immortal on - ignore on screen value]
04000000 001234E0 D2800C80

[Immortal off]
04000000 001234E0 B9401C00


[Buy something = increase Money]
04000000 001DE650 0B000101

[Buy something = decrease Money]
04000000 001DE650 4B000101

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