MaxConosle UnderGround
Yoshi Crafted World (Demo)
Category: Nintendo Switch/ALL Regions
Rating: 3.00 out of 5.00
Contributor: Rafa10

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Publisher: Nintendo
Title ID: 0100AE800C9C6000
Build ID:  6e114d3262f052907b44b38434e3236d
# of Codes: 4
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[Coin Setter]
040F0000 001E028C AA0003E0
040F0000 001E0254 17F87F74
040F0000 00000024 18000068
040F0000 00000028 B9043C08
040F0000 0000002C 1407808B
040F0000 00000030 XXXXXXXX

X values: Coin amount.

[Coin Limiter]
040F0000 04B5D1F0 XXXXXXXX

X values: Limit for coins.

[Coin Increment Multiplier x2]
040F0000 001E0288 0B020508

040F0000 004F4E48 D65F03C0

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