MaxConosle UnderGround
Shovel Knight Specter of Torment 3.1
Category: Nintendo Switch/ALL Regions
Rating: 0.00 out of 5.00
Contributor: optantic

Publisher: Yacht Club Games
Title ID: 01001180021FA000
Build ID: 5eabc1e307d28486
# of Codes: 7
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[99999 GP]
04000000 00B37EE4 0001869F

[Max HP Upgrade]
01000000 00B37ED8 00000006

[Max Darkness Upgrade]
01000000 00B37EEC 00000003

[Best Weapons]
01000000 00B37EF8 00000007

[Unlock Challenge Sound Test Mode]
01000000 00B32880 00000007

[All Challenges Completed]
04000000 00B328B0 007FFFFF

[Have all Curios]
04000000 00B37F04 FFFFE001

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