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Monthly GiveAway Contest

Each Month we here at Max-Cheats giveaway prizes for the Best Cheats shared!
Currently, we are offering THREE Prizes each month for your Best Nintendo Switch Game Cheats!

* TOP Grand Prize - SX PRO dongle plus extra SX OS license!
* Runner-Up Prize - SX PRO dongle package
* 3rd Place Prize - Single SX OS license key

Winners will be picked at the end of each calendar month and their names added below.
Entries used to pick the THREE winners will be based on the following factors used:

   1: Overall Rating of the Game Cheat itself.
   2: Total amount of comments since it was submitted.
   3: Total unique views and downloads the Cheat itself has.
   4: The rarity or complex nature of the all the codes listed.

By posting and sharing your cheats, you not only support this site, you could WIN!

Current Winners

Max-Cheats each month picks THREE Contest Winners for the Best New Cheats Submitted,  here is the list of all our very valued Lucky Game Cheaters,  which each have received prizes from our Sponsors:

December 2018 - 95 New Cheats In Total!
   #1 - 'optantic' - For 68 Cheats!
   #2 - 'matias3ds' - For 11 Cheats!
   #3 - 'eco95' - For 11 Cheats!

January 2019 - 42 New Cheats In Total!
   #1 - 'optantic' - For 25 Cheats!
   #2 - 'stoned' - For 8 Cheats!
   #3 - 'eco95' - For 8 Cheats!

February 2019 - 26 New Cheats In Total!
   #1 - 'optantic' - For 13 Cheats!
   #2 - 'eco95' - For 10 Cheats!
   #3 - 'rafa10' - For 3 Cheats!

March 2019 - Looking Forward To More!
   #1 - (Your Name could be HERE next Month!)
   #2 - (Visit TX Support Forums To Learn!)
   #3 - (Join our Site TODAY! and WIN PRIZES!)

Please Contact Us if you have any questions or concerns regarding our  Monthly Giveaway Contest or have not gotten a Winning Notify Email from our Site Admin!

Contest Rules

   1: Cheats shared have to be your original creation.
   2: Cheats will be tested by our staff to make sure they work fully.
   3: Only Cheats that work on the Xecuter SX OS will be judged for this contest.
   4: Make sure all info is submitted correctly, Game Title, Serial, Region, etc.
   5: Winner entries will be based on 'views, downloads, rating, and rarity or complex of the cheat'.

If you have any questions, then please Contact Us.

Contact Us For More Info

Like stated above, if you have any questions regarding this our Monthly GiveAway Contest;

Please email us directly (info @ max-cheats . com) or via our Contact Form for more info.

And we will reply back to you promptly, with all the details, and answer all your questions that you may have regarding our monthly contest. - Powered by MXCS.18.1111.v3.4 / Copyrighted 1995-2018 by O.P.A.